INXCES Dissemination Plans: The Nordic Hydrological Conference in August 2018

The INXCES team is planning to have a strong presence at The Nordic Hydrological Conference taking place from August 15 – 18 in Bergen, Norway. The conference is a biennial event, focusing on improved understanding of the water cycle and the practical application of hydrological methods within applied science and national planning in the Nordic and Baltic countries.

Dissemination from INXCES will be presented in the following session: “Surface water, groundwater and blue-green solutions in urban areas: Handling surface water in cities is a challenge. With increasing intensity of rainfall for short periods, the challenges will also increase. Events in Copenhagen and elsewhere in Northern Europe in early June 2013 are examples of challenges with headlines like “Rain showers in the cities cost far more than floods” (Aftenposten, June 2, 2013). Oslo and other major cities have similar events.

Surface water and groundwater must be handled in a comprehensive and not separate manner in order to handle the climate change of the future in a cost-effective and sustainable manner. The drainage and piping of today is not designed for the rainfall of the future, and it is also expensive to clean rainwater that is taken along with the graywater. Alternative solutions for surface water management, tailored to future precipitation forecasts and “in harmony” with groundwater, will provide solutions that can withstand heavy rainfall episodes and save society for high costs.”