INXCES at ECCA 2019 Lisbon Portugal

The ECCA (European Climate Change Adaptation) conference is an important biennial event on Climate Change Adaptation, convened by projects that receive funding from the Horizon 2020 Programme. This year the conference was held in Lisbon from 28 to 31 May.

One of the six themes of the conference “Climate risk management and resilience” will debate the measures to reduce climate risks and to increase resilience, also considering the use of Nature-Based Solutions one of the topics within INXCES.

Fully in line with ECCA 2019, INXCES recognizes the urgency of the situation that causes economic and other losses throughout Europe, and works to regenerate ecosystem services to cope with hydro-meteorological events since “grey infrastructures” are not always effective, adaptive and sized against climate changes. Therefor

Some INXCES partners participated to the conference, taking the opportunity to introduce INXCES results on flood and heatstress modelling & SuDS in their abstracts and presentations:

Floris Boogaard, Jonas Olsson, Tone Muthanna, Rick Heikoop, Guri Venvik, International knowledge exchange on climate adaptation with the Climatescan platform (8857), ECCA may 2019, Lisbon, Portugal

Venvik G, Boogaard F.C., Abstract: 8858 – In situ mapping of pollutants in Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems, a new methodology approach and preliminary results from the Netherlands
Day: 28-05-2019
), ECCA may 2019, Lisbon, Portugal

R.L.P. de Lima; N. Van Der Vliet; F.C. Boogaard; L.M. Dionisio Pires, A. Hommersom, Data, methods and approaches in Climate Change Adaptation and Disaster Risk Reduction, Abstract: 10554 – Comparing in-situ hyperspectral and fluorescence methods with remote sensing Sentinel-2 satellite data for mapping chlorophyll-a/cyanobacteria concentrations 28-05-2019, Lisbon 2019

Guri Venvik, Boogaard F, Subsidence in urban areas measured by InSAR (Sentinel1) related to flooding 28-05-2019, Lisbon 2019