new research on influence extreme precipitation on filter media performance

INXCES started research on how filter medias, for infiltration units, are influenced by extreme precipitation. The research of Henrik Winther Solemslie is focused on how extreme precipitation events may influence different filter-medias’ capacity to remove heavy metals. The adsorbents that are tested include Olivine, Pine bark, Bottom ash with 10w% Iron oxide, and Granulated active carbon with 50w% sand. The experiments are done by pumping synthetic stormwater through 8 pilot scale columns. Extreme rainfall is simulated with 4 different storm frequencies; 10, 50, 100, and 200 years, and 3 different durations of each; 5, 45, and 180 minutes. Further on different dry periods are simulated, interrupted by heavy precipitation, affect the removal rate. In addition to the removal efficiency the research also investigates how the pH, electric conductivity, flowrate, and surface area of the media is affected by such precipitation events. In addition Pine Barks stability/degeneration under heavy rainfall over long continuous precipitation is investigated. The results would provide data about resilience of adsorption based storm water treatment solutions under extreme weather.