INXCES presented at 30th Nordic Water Conference 2018

30th Nordic Water Conference 2018

Bergen, NORWAY, 13–15 August

Hydrology and water resources management in a changing world

The 30th Nordic Hydrological Conference was held this year in Bergen, Norway. Attended by approximately 130 water professionals from around the world, as well as the Nordic countries, there were three parallel sessions for the three day conferences. Talks centred on improving understanding of optimal design of green roofs in Nordic climates for storage and retention of high levels of rainfall; new groundwater and soil monitoring networks across Norway and Sweden to help understand groundwater resilience to increased climate variability in Nordic regions; and improving the understanding the linkages between bedrock and quaternary hydrogeology.   There was a strong focus throughout the conference on stimulating cooperation between research institutions, and developing understanding how hydrogeological and hydrological knowledge can improve urban planning approaches. INXCES was present in 5 presentations and posters on innovations on climate adaptation for extreme climate events. INXCES also provided a fieldtrip to SuDS to save the Unesco world heritage site Bryggen. See all presentations and impression of fieldtrip on: