Survey of the use Nature-Based Solutions in Municipalities

Adopting Nature-Based Solutions (NBS) will make cities more climate resilient. We have developed a questionnaire that aims to identify motivators and hindrances for municipalities to adopt NBS. If your work involves urban water management issues, kindly take a few minutes to fill in this brief questionnaire here 

NBS are interventions that ‘mimic’ natural processes to enhance water availability, improve water quality and reduce the risks associated with water‐related disasters and climate change. Such solutions when applied to municipal drainage systems are referred to as Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems (SUDS).  

An increasing number of cities and towns are dealing with the consequences of heavier and more frequent precipitation, which is expected to result in more issues related to flooding, drought, water quality, food supply and overall life quality over the next several decades. Using Nature-Based Solutions (NBS) will minimize water damage and make cities more climate resilient.  

We are interested in finding out what motivators and hindrances municipalities have to use NBS to deal with extreme climate events. To collect this information, we have developed a brief questionnaire.

Please see and kindly forward the link to others who work in your sector.  Filling out the questionnaire should take less than 2-3 minutes!  

The NBS survey is related to the JPI Water funded project:  INXCES “INovation for EXtreme 

Climatic EventS”

Flooding in Oikos (Enschede), The Netherlands, May 31, 2018. Photo by: Floris Boogaard